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In the year 2424...

Another TWO (and a half) modules for Jason Tocci's 2400

Both extra-large hacks: 6 half-pages each


explore the seedy underbelly of a planetary mega-city in this module inspired by the undercity levels of Coruscant

  • be a bounty hunter and face the worst the galaxy has to offer!
  • be a scoundrel and eek out a living in a city of scum and villainy!
  • includes a bonus CANTINA MAP for use in any setting
  • suggestion: search online for 1313 or Coruscant art to inspire while you play

2. 2424: THE WILDS

a SURVIVAL WILDERNESS hack inspired by The Martian, Interstellar, No Man's Sky, Death Stranding

  • survive in the frontier wilderness where no one else dares to go!
  • brave the wilds to escort shipments or built your own deep-space outpost!
  • includes creation tables for alien planet FAUNA
  • suggestion: great for space westerns, exploration games, or survival epics


  • a NOIRPUNK hack
  • a BONUS one-page PRIMER!
  • make games in alien worlds where all your character are based on noir archetypes, such as the Detective or Femme Fatale
  • includes tables to make your own noir murder case

To see examples of the my work: check out my FREE 2400 Hacks. https://mstrocks.itch.io/24xx-cyberspace-supplements

Based on 2400 by Pretendo Games.

Background image by Gus Mendonca. Not used or distributed within product.

Cover art of each by BEEPLE. CC cited within.

This work is not affiliated with Walt Disney Company, or any similar corporation.

Use this game for anything you like besides resale. For more information, contact me at MarcusStrocks@gmail.com

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AuthorMarc Strocks


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