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I can’t sleep in the new house... Late at night I feel like somebody’s watching. Once I woke up to find a toad on my windowsill so I scared it off. So creepy. Last night I went on the roof to look out onto the valley.

I called out: “I know you’re out there! If somebody’s here, you better say something!” Nobody did.

But then I saw her! I swear a real-live witch flew by on her broom! Actually, there’s something else. It was two witches, and they were fighting. Dad said witch families used to live in this countryside. They all used to cast magic and stuff together. Well, I don’t think they like each other anymore. I think the covens are at war! And they won’t stop until one destroys the other!

KIDS & SPIRITS is a Studio Ghibli-hack of Kids on Bikes! The system and setting mesh perfectly because: they're about young, impulsive people facing powers beyond their control. In a one-shot or ongoing story, create your own Hayao Miyazaki-inspired tale!

Perfect for period pieces like Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle, but also works great for modern-fantasy like Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro! Make your story more light-hearted, or high-stakes and dramatic, or anything in between!

PACKED with content, but I'm keeping the price low so everyone can check it out. Community Copies available, or email me at MarcusStrocks@gmail.com

A forthcoming free supplement is planned with pre-written settings. If there's demand, I'll keep adding more!

  • 50-PAGE Rulebook!
  • 13 TROPES for making Characters!
  • 26 SPELLS for magic-users!
  • Guides for building a Ghibli-esque world!
  • Full rules -- Kids on Bikes not needed to play!

  • your Miyazaki-esque game
  • Legend of Zelda game
  • Final Fantasy game
  • Any anime fantasy style


Based on Kids on Bikes & Teens in Space by  Jonathan Gilmour and Doug Levandowski.

Images used with permission from canva.com and pexels.com

Use this game for anything you like besides resale. For more information, contact me at MarcusStrocks@gmail.com

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorMarc Strocks
TagsAction-Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, spirited-away, Tabletop role-playing game


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