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Hi, firstly I just wanted to say that these resources are great and have saved me a lot of work creating a Ghibli-inspired setting for my daughter, we are both really excited to play. I was wondering if you could clarify something about the assets please? On a few of them e.g. Witch, you are instructed to choose other assets like spells which would normally cost asset points. Is this still the case or are they free with the original asset? It seems as though you could end up with a lot of assets right at the start of the game, especially if you also choose a drawback or two to gain 4 extra points. Obviously I could house rule this but I was wondering what your original intentions were as the designer and whether I have misinterpreted the rules?

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Hi there. Thanks for checking out the game. So, if a Path gives you spells or companions, go ahead and take it for free! It's true you may have quite a few cards in front of you if you have lots of spells (+ your usual assets) but I think that's part of the play experience of being a magic user. Spells are just optional tools so feel free to use them as little or as often as you like. If using them makes your gameplay feel overly-complex, that's alright. You can avoid them and focus on other aspects of the game. Thanks for your interest and questions.

This looks really cool, but the way the rules and move pdf's are set up I can't print them the way I want to. I'd like to print them as a booklet. I can't read a pdf on the screen for prolonged periods do to getting head aches. Can you reformat them to be easier to print out?

Hi there. Thanks for your interest. I don't believe the character sheet or assets would work in any other format. And the worldbook should be easy to print. But for the rest of the materials:

I added a printer-friendly version of the Rules document combined with the Player Moves. You can use this to print the pages however you wish. I also plugged it into Adobe Acrobat and created a booklet-style pdf as well. This should print correctly. Hope this helps!

Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it!