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In the year 2088...

Grab this mixtape for another two HACKS of Pretendo Games' 2400.

Based on two great film genres from the 70s and 80s: Hong Kong-style action and post-apocalyptic survival


  • The world dried up. The oceans died. Your instincts are all you have left to protect you now.
  • Welcome to 2088. Shotgun in one hand, steering wheel in the other. Everything in this desert kills you, but drive far enough and you'll find shelter from the storm.
  • Inspired by mad max and escape from NY
  • Explore the desert with a NEW Wasteland Map generation system
  • The resources you need to survive are divided across the map.
  • Get what you need before the settlements destroy each other all over again


  • This city's on fire. The kung-fu schools are on edge. The calling card assassins are back.
  • Tonight it's going down and you and your friends are all caught in the crossfire.
  • Inspired by bruce li films, miami connection, bloodsport, kill bill
  • Survive in a city of deadly foes at all sides!
  • Includes additional fighting rules for creating badass moments
  • Become battle-damaged as the fights wear on

Plus TWO bonus mini-hacks. Add these supplemental rules for additional settings 


  • a one-page supplement for 2088 inspired by Last of Us series
  • exchanges the setting for a forest outbreak world of relationships and interpersonal drama.


  • a one-page supplement for 1988 inspired by Resident Evil series
  • turns Rage City into a remote mountain town where a zombie infection begins to spread. Includes new career classes inspired by iconic RE characters

To see examples of the my work: check out my FREE 2400 Hacks. https://mstrocks.itch.io/24xx-cyberspace-supplements

Based on 2400 by Pretendo Games. Not affiliated with Pretendo Games.

Background image by pexels.com

Cover art of each by BEEPLE. CC cited within.

Use this game for anything you like besides resale. For more information, contact me at MarcusStrocks@gmail.com

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AuthorMarc Strocks


Get this game and 4 more for $5.00 USD
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