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Long ago, a great seed fell from the sky and transformed the forest. From then on, life in the city was never the same.


Crimson Grace's Birth is a realm for RUNE (by Gilarpgs). Think of it like a DLC level to be played with the game's rules.

The Rune pre-release rules are required for play.

This is a prototype version of the work in need of playtesting. Please try it out and contact with any suggested changes. Coming changes: Enemy balancing (most enemies are too weak) and story rework (lore is present but needs revising).


  • You play as the Engraved, a lost warrior who transcends death, time and space.
  • Unravel the mystery of the city and the secrets hidden in the forest.
  • Discover new technology, weapons, and contraptions.
  • Face off against fearsome monsters as you die and live again over and over.

Inspired by Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy VII, and Legend of Zelda.


Writing and design by Marcus Strocks. Contact at twitter.com/spacesibling

Map created using several generators by watabou

Designed for RUNE by Spencer Campbell (GilaRPGs). This Realm is not otherwise affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorMarc Strocks


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I really liked this realm!

I found myself being drawn to using the weapons and gear that were found in this realm, partially because it restricts the Engraved to starting with only starting equipment + Grim Coast equipment, but I'm actually deciding to use one of the new weapons and pieces of gear going forward because I like the unique synergy they provide! I don't feel like they're too strong either; they feel just right.

My biggest criticism is that the final phase of the Rune Lord feels way too easy, especially since I was using the equipment that guaranteed I would always have at least 1 Move available per turn. I think it would be better if the Rune Lord dealt more Harm with their actions. Maybe include "Harm 1" in the first action set so that they're always dealing Harm, no matter what?

(1 edit) (+1)

I just finished my playthrough of this Realm and I had a blast! Uncovering the sort of dual nature of the place was intriguing. All of the utility items in this realm are really interesting and fun to apply to fights, too! A couple notes/questions:

- Point (2) - The terrain placement in the fight descriptions doesn't match the diagram (B1-2 vs B3-4)

- Point (3) - Enemy placement for the darkness fight doesn't match the diagram (B1 vs C1)

- Point (4) - the area description seems to be copied from point (3)

- Point (6) - the area description seems to be copied from point (5)

- Point (7) - terrain placement for the first fight doesn't match the diagram (B1 vs B2)

- Point (8) - third fight lists two starting positions for the enemy. Is it meant to occupy two spaces?

- Are travel options with nonstandard clock ticks meant to work both ways? (i.e. if it takes 2 ticks to move from (3) to (5), does it also take 2 ticks to move from (5) back to (3)? 

- Can the Eye hurt other enemies?

- Can the lightning scarf be used more than once per turn?

- The diagram for the rune lord's second phase doesn't include any terrain

- I didn't find myself using the weapons much at all, mainly due to how little they let you move. They'd obviously be better if I'd brought in gear that let me move more, but at least with my loadout they felt a little restrictive.

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks again for playing. I've updated the document based on your suggestions.