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"Solace 1-5, long-range data just came in. You're gonna wanna see this.

We detected an odd set of readings in the Nevada desert just off Piper Canyon. After we detonated the ALLEGIANCE Black site, my bet was: they were setting up a new facility to take its place. Another project building right under our noses... 

Well, the recon team just came back, Commander.

And it's not ALLEGIANCE. It's one of ours.

Delta Division made it out. And they've been hiding here for 6 years!

With your okay, we'll send a squad in. If we establish contact, we'll see how many they have. How well-equipped.

Once we have the intel, we can get them out of there.

You were right, Commander. We're not alone. And the fight's not ever yet."

100 years after First Contact. [2047. 09.27] 

INTRUDER: EARTHLY ENTITY is an action rpg Illuminated by LUMEN.

Inspired by the XCOM series, you play the last survivors of an Earth taken over by extraterrestrial forces. Establish contact with other resistance cells. Free nations from the control of the ALIEN ENTITY. Rescue Earth.

  • For 3+ players (including a GM)
  • Play is divided by Missions. Great for one-shots and longer play.
  • Easy-to-learn d6 system based on LIGHT by Gilarpgs.
  • Play soldier classes inspired by those in XCOM and XCOM 2!
  • Now includes modular BASEBUILDING SYSTEM!

INTRUDER is great for both story-focused or action-centric campaigns. Lore is included for each of the major enemy races of the video games.

You also get BONUSES for playing as non-human characters. Explore together why the Psychnids have broken away from the ENTITY coalition. Who controls all this behind the scenes?

Who fights for Earth? What world will we create? You decide.


  • More lore about non-human species, and their planets
  • More art for classes and nonhuman characters

INTRUDER v2 document can be printed as a booklet and stapled together.

Background image by NASA.

Alien imagery above / on front cover is purchased stock art.

Thanks to Gila RPGs for the inspiring LUMEN System.


Buy Now
On Sale!
34% Off
$15.00 $9.90 USD or more

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