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GOBLIN KING works was a one-page RPG or alternate character sheet for Together We Go games.

  • Play is Goblinoid classes (Orc, Goblin, Bugbear and Hobgoblin)
  • Fight back against the prejudiced labels placed on your people
  • Create your character within racial ability limits -- and then see that those racial limits are idiotic. Break away from them

Everyone knows Goblins and Orcs as the destructive minions of evil forces -- why? Because the Goblin King created this to be so. The Goblin King created us. Now we will kill him.

Goblin King is about killing the patriarchy and destroying the systems that hold us back. Why is it that Orcs and Goblins are seen as monsters by other races? We know why. As we grew up, we were told to be killers. We were told to be powerful and destructive. But when we grew up, we realized what the Goblin King turned us into.

Use goblin king to go on any fantasy adventures you like but in the end, our ultimate fate is to KILL THE GOBLIN KING.

goblin king is a 1-page RPG based on the Together We Go system for the Together We Jam. Use it for anything besides resale.

This work is based on Down We Go (downwego.games), and licensed for our use under CC BY 4.0 International.

This product is not associated with Plus One Exp or Apes of Wrath.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorMarc Strocks


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This is such a smart and flavorful supplement for Down We Go - the new classes are fun and say something about the world. I also love the new accompanying character mechanics - generate a big bad, generate a backstory. All really smart additions to the core DWG experience.

Beautifully laid out too!

 Thanks a lot for the kind words!